I have painted since childhood, earned my living as a potter beginning in 1974,  have made “mixed media” artwork since 1994.  Recently, I have been combining these disparate interests. I am making majolica pots to sell and creating narrative ceramic pieces addressing what’s bothering me (hopefully, with a humorous edge).



4 Responses to Home

  1. Joan Nicholson says:

    Your mailoca pottery is beautiful! Is it oven and dishwasher safe? If it is oven safe, to what temperature? I would give it as gifts. Thank you

    • Nancy Herman says:

      Hi Joan,
      Thanks for your interest and comments. Maolica is dishwasher safe but I would not recommend baking in it, only serving food in it. The only clay you can
      bake in is flame ware…rather hard to find. Hope this answers your questions.
      Again thanks!

  2. Jenny Bates says:

    Dear Nancy,
    I have been a Gallery Assistant at Piedmont Craftsmen for some time and have always admired your work. I am also a Winston-Salem Writer’s poet and your installation piece for the June ‘Buggin Out’ show inspired me to write this poem that I would like to share with you with gratitude. I am also a friend and neighbor of artist and Gallery/Education coordinator at PCI, Nicole Uzzell.

    The Last Monarch

    The rains have ended
    as you reign in the clouds
    with your flying flower wings.
    Ripples of blithe determination and courage
    dazzle the sky with your transformation.
    The refreshment and fate of our future
    tips on your flight.

    You taste flowers by walking on them.
    We need to tread more lightly
    to preserve our respect for the natural world.
    We watch as you conclude
    your elegant airborne swan song,
    while we continue uphill
    to bring joy back to the earth.

    Our kingdom is enclosed in yours:
    you will leave behind less –
    less feeling, less world, less us.
    Not confusion but the order of diminishment,
    and we will struggle out of trauma
    to become a butterfly.

    • Nancy Herman says:

      Thanks Jenny,
      I am so moved by your poem and that my piece inspired it.
      I will share it with my poet/partner Steve Brooks as soon as he gets home.

      I hope I get to meet you!
      Thanks so much!

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