I have painted since childhood, earned my living as a potter beginning in 1974,  have made “mixed media” artwork since 1994.  Recently, I have been combining these disparate interests. I am making majolica pots to sell and creating narrative ceramic pieces addressing what’s bothering me (hopefully, with a humorous edge).



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  1. Susan Spence says:

    Nancy- I think of you so often prompted by my everyday use of the mugs and bowls Jack had you make for me. Since I always chose the ones he and Katherine have when I visited for my tea and cereal….and since I guess I sounded pretty covetous…he got me some of my own. I use the mugs if I have an afternoon tea picker upper and the bowls almost every night when I treat myself to frozen raspberries and strawberries, mushed up with yoghurt and slurped up with soy milk. I’ll never tire of their voluptuous curves or their zebra skin.

    Since I couldn’t get your email or mailing address from The Loggia (not an easy website) I just googled you and there you were. It’s fun to see the work you are doing now. Your majolica memoir pieces are great fun and unlike any pottery I’ve seen. I got an email this morning with an attached foto from a good friend from here on the Island who is at the Craft show in Philadelphia sponsored by their museum. The pic was of a beaming Bennett Bean standing near his pieces. From time to time I’ve seen his work in an article or the like and it was fun to see what he’s up to.

    Jack told me when he got back from the ’64 reunion that you are happy and have been in a relationship for several years. You clearly are still active in your art. I have always had a soft spot for you and am happy to hear that your life is good. I realize that is kind of a broad statement. In your picture, you like exactly the same, but with white hair.

    If you ever come east, I’d be delighted to have you visit on the Vineyard. If I come to N.C. I will certainly track you down. I was chuckling the other day because a Grinnell vignette popped into my head, seemingly out of nowhere. You summoned me to your room at the end of the hall, pulled open one of Pam’s drawers and said take a look at how neat this is….notice particularly that all of her bobby pin tips are at the same side of the tray! Neither you or I lived anything like that…we were completely agog!

    Please send me your email address, telephone # and mailing address so I have your coordinates. Several times I’ve wanted to tell you how much I love your pieces or just say hi….and then I’ve gotten frustrated either with The Loggia which used to be appallingly un-user friendly and which is better now, but still sometimes a pain in the neck…or Jack was out of town, etc.


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